Wireless Network

Every enterprise today requires an efficient and flexible network solution for speedy access to information and faster communication systems. Nigeria being a fast growing internet city makes it essential for every business to have a networking solution. Apart from owning a network solution, it’s always advisable that your enterprise chooses a wireless network solution for its business. Choosing a wireless network as the network solution for business is a competitive move.

2whyte offers wireless network solutions for all various establishments of all sizes. We offer radio based wireless network solutions, and we will tailor your quotation to your requirements. Today a wireless solution for most businesses also needs the capacity to support bandwidth-hungry multimedia content together with a fast, reliable connection. Our wireless solutions offer the latest Wireless AC technology through a wide range of available wireless access points and controllers dependent on the size and scope of your network requirements.wireless network 2whyte

Initially, 2whyte solutions team will conduct a survey of your site based on supplied building plans. This can be for full site coverage or just in specific areas that require wireless coverage. Wireless heat maps are supplied for both Wireless N and Wireless AC standards. Due to the way Wireless AC operates within the 5GHz spectrum it is important to highlight the differences in coverage between a 2.4 GHz Wireless N solution.

Wireless network solutions for businesses are often unique to the establishment – no two business networks are the same!

Our enterprise wireless network solutions cover:

  • VLAN/Routing

  • VPN

  • Wireless LAN

  • LAN/WAN Design

  • VoIP

  • Data Center

  • Computer Networking