Laptop and PCs

We can offer varied options of Laptops and PCs for various businesses. Depending on your prospective workload, we can either suggest to your  specification based on our capacity, or work with what you have in mind. The choice for using Laptops and PCs for business is very varied, in terms of form factor, screen size, manufacturer and can seem confusing. 2whyte laptops pcs One of our experienced sales engineers will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right laptop or PC for your business requirements.


2WHYTE can supply a huge range of manufactures but we always recommend HP and Dell products in particular. Our recommended manufactures have robust, reliable and durable hardware which is ideal for the business environment and have extended warranty options that are cost effective. Laptops and PC’s are constantly evolving with new operating systems and innovations and All-in-one Desktops becoming ever more popular.